My First Trip To Thailand

by Bayu Widodo Medi Setiawan - 5 years, 4 months ago

This time I want to tell you about my trip to Thailand the other day. Is arguably leisure trip abroad first. Dated August 28, 2013, I along with peers and teachers in Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University admin staff leaving for Thailand. Gathered at the meeting point who already agreed earlier at 10:00. And leave for the airport Juanda at 11:00. Nervous? Surely this new ... Because it was the third time I get on a plane and the first time I'm heading overseas. Arriving at the airport Juanda, after going through the process of checking luggage and passports, we headed to the lounge to wait for the flight departure. (PS: This time I stayed all metal accessories in the office.) While waiting for departure, I spent time in the smoking area with Mr.Adika as Tour Leader of PT ATINDA Tours and Travel Agency talking about what would have to be prepared when landing in Thailand. Around 16:10 we took off to Bangkok riding airline Air Asia. Service from the airline really did not disappoint, despite the relatively water bus but the presentation as well as the friendliness of the crew really made me fall asleep. Plus again we can eat on the plane. 20:00 we landed at Don Mueang International Airport - Bangkok and welcomed by princess dress custom Bangkok. Then after the welcome show finished, Mr.Adika introduced to our local guide and get ready to eat dinner at the Royal Dragon Restaurant. Arriving at the destination location, it looks like the effect of jetlag still meets the head and stomach. As a result, I could not enjoy the meal perfectly. Having finished dinner, we were directed towards The Berkeley Hotel - Pratunam Bangkok. The hotel is in the category of 5-star hotels even though there is no 2-month soft opening. : D And indeed, from the interiors, and hospitality services employees make at home there. :) Entering the room, wow really really lux. And in each room could access a wifi network the internet for free and without using a password. Idly I try to download the map of Thailand for GPS applications android size 148 Mb and was less than 5 minutes was downloaded perfectly. Very fast when compared in Malang. After a bath and prayers, instantly chat and facebook updates. And straight fall asleep. The next morning, we were guided to the river and Emerald Buddha Grand Palace (the royal palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha), Wat Arun and the Chao Praya. Prior to the Grand Palace, we were told to wear long pants and polite. Because this place is the residence of the king and of course really strict rules. It is true, as he entered the Grand Palace, we had to pass through several checkpoints before finally enjoy the magnificent palace buildings and Buddhist temples. Once satisfied with treats n Emerald Buddha Grand Palace, we headed to the Chao Praya river which is the longest river and famous in Thailand. And afterwards we enjoyed the beautiful Wat Arun temple while shopping for some souvenirs (for those who had money) Then Mr. Adika and Sopon (our local guide) took us to the Gold Teak International Restaurant at The Twin Towers Hotel for lunch. Next we drove to the city of Pattaya, the papaya fruit city. The first stop in VSK Gems Factory is grinding mills and sales of gemstones. And because of fatigue, I stayed on the bus. A few minutes on the bus, I suddenly thought of not implementing Dhuhr and Asr prayers. Finally I went down and asked one of the employees who happened to be there. Communication occurs pickup with him and he was asking her to do something (I do not know because they use the language of Thailand). A few minutes passed and it turns out her friend could not do what he asked. And finally he too briefly beg permission to enter. Soon he came up with someone who looks very elegant with middle age. Politely, he offered to help me. And I'm responsible for what I want. Then he led me to a small mosque on the top floor. And it turns out he is shocked leaders there. Therefore when entering locations to the same mosque looked by the employees. Again towards shopping, and again I did not get off the bus anyway. Really very unfortunate. But what can I do? I've run out of money in my wallet for souvenirs. And Mr. Adika once again brings us to the restaurant for dinner. This tour actually make fat. And this time dinner at A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel. Its location right on the beach of Pattaya, which is automatic after dinner, we can enjoy the beautiful beaches there. (Because the night, there is not the selling papaya) After enjoying the beauty and the dishes there, we headed to the Colosseum Cabaret Show. From the name already seen that there presents a cabaret show performed by the lady-boy or transvestite. FYI Cabaret Show Colosseum is no opened 2 months, but already attracted the interest of many visitors. Because in addition to a very beautiful show, a collaboration between players, décor, sound and lighting as well as the special effects were amazing. At the end of the event, we are welcome to take photos of the players and the players are allowed photos together, of course, is not free. One time we were asked to take photos pay 20 Baht (about 6000 rupiahs) is pretty cheap compared to here. : D Long after dark, and we also have to stay at the Hotel Vista - Pattaya. One of the 4 star hotel in Pattaya area. Although the difference with previous hotel 1 star, but very different services and the services provided. The wifi connection is really hard. But it is reasonable because in the famous Pattaya area is expensive in any case. The next morning, headed Natural Honey Shop then Nong Nooch Village. In Natural Honey Shop, we get a lot of knowledge about the products on the market, as well as how to choose a good honey. While in Nong Nooch Village, a spacious garden and the largest in Southeast Asia, we get treats attractions such as traditional dances, martial arts-Thai Boxing, as well as show the elephants of Thailand. And unique again, our lunch was at Nong Nooch Village Restaurant area that in fact all the food lawful for Muslims to eat so not to be confused aggregated picky, take as much. And once again we ate in Dried Food Market, but this time we just ate snacks, such as durian and coconut ice burn. Here, self-service is also provided for those who are still not satisfied shopping. : Shock: Not long after, we headed to Siam Niramit Show, which presents theater and opera attraction contains about Thai history course with the collaboration of a very-very-very amazing and very realistic. I also was amazed to see its attractions, especially when there are scenes of people jumping onto the stage for a swim, I guess would be blocked or something. It turns out there is a pool there real, there is a pool on stage, dude. Cool!!! The show is almost two hours so it would make an empty stomach, and eating again. : Lol: Dinner remains in the same area, in Siam Niramit Restaurant. And after that, we went back to our original hotel Bangkok to stay is Hotel The Berkeley-Pratunam Bangkok. Arriving at the hotel room, looking for good wifi location. Wifi in the room and turns problematic. Try fad complaint to the hotel operator, and we do not have 5 minutes to the hotel room technician and fix wifi in the room. Alright it was constricting again. The next morning, which was the last day in Thailand. Had inbox message from Uncle Don about Uncle Ichan who want to come Famgath Prides Java. Fortunately fitting evening, Om Ichan already gave the news first, and already I give CP in Malang. (To myself, "I hope not stray") The morning trip to the Madame Tussauds wax museum and was again shopping at MBK Mall. Once satisfied with the treats in there, we headed to the Baiyoke Sky Tower Restaurant to enjoy lunch on the 76th floor. Really surprised with the elevator that took us from the ground floor to the 19th floor and then moved toward the elevator and the floor 77. if calculated, from the 1st floor to the 19th floor was not until 30 seconds, and from floor 19 to floor 77 is less than 60 seconds. Waiting for the bus to the airport of departure, I was confused because there are some things that I want to buy as souvenirs, but the money in the wallet was gone. Chat briefly with co-workers who happened the same boat, it was decided to find a store that accepts Visa. Praise also met his shop. But not strong with the amounts shown in the memorandum of purchase. Ah what's a multiple-digit numbers, I thought, as long as can make friends feel happy why not. And finally we also headed to the airport to return back to their homeland. Take off 20:45 still using Air Asia, and landing in Surabaya around 00:45. After going through the immigration process we finally set off to Malang using the same bus with our early departure. And finally set foot in FKUB promptly at 3:55. The trip this time, I say thank you to: -Leadership and committee of the Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the ride. -Mr. Adika of PT ATINDA Tours & Travel for providing services on our perfectly. Air Asia which has brought us round-trip safely. -The Berkelley - Bangkok Pratunam for its extraordinary in terms of service and hospitality. -Hotel Vista - Pattaya for accommodating us while in the Pattaya area. -Colosseum Cabaret Show and Siam Niramit Show whose presenting super spectacular attractions. -Royal Dragon Restaurant, Gold Teak International Restaurant, A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, Dried Food Market, Nong Nooch Village Restaurant, Siam Niramit Restaurant, Baiyoke Sky Tower Restaurant, which serves food and service at our on the sidelines of travel time. -And all the places and people mentioned above who might forget all the help and care for in Thailand.

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