NYC and it's food!

by Laura Camile - 5 years, 5 months ago

Manhattan is great, because it is so multicultural and so much various food on every corner.. First of all make sure that you are staying with someone from couch-surfing, in that way you will get to know the most amazing places.. Can you imagine the pub in the premises where the pharmacy once had been located? And they still have the weirdest cocktails under the names of pharmaceutical stuff. And they serve shots in test-tube! And you will never find out about such a places if not some great local friends! Anyway.. NYC and it's food. I had never seen anywhere else before, that you can get a slice of pizza for $1! And it is so fresh and tasty. Sounds kinda dodgy, but you will see many business people on the rush chewing the nicest pizza just on the way to/from office! Also, the first time in my life I tried my frozen-yoghurts here and they amazed me. Now it is so trendy around everywhere, but some places around NYC are super nice for this yoghurt experience.. Should I count jelly-shots as food/snack or drinks? Very funny, many places around meat-packing district will offer those for free for girls before midnight. And this Meat-packing district is one of the greatest places to party or just to see very modern youth life around New York City. Just don't waste your time on Mcdonald's.. of course it is very American, but America has much more to offer and you might regret if you don't try. Also, fancy but nice Laduree shops on the main avenues. Only few places where you can get french-macarons, and even if they are very expensive they are so worth to try! It's mostly French thing, but very popular in NYC as well, you won't find them (real ones) in other states.. Enjoy fancy and simple NYC

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