Nickerson State park! To chill and to MOVE!

by Laura Camile - 5 years, 3 months ago

America has everything. It has food, fashion, sky-scrappers, huge companies, oceans, nature.. And when it comes to nature sometimes it is hard to believe how much it can impress you. That's why it is worth to stop and explore some places better! Cape Cod, Massachusetts. By itself it has amazing places to be - Province town, Chatham, Hyannis, but one place (which should not be missed while in Massachusetts) is Nickerson state park! Especially during warm period it is a beauty. While tourist season is not started you enjoy the most - fresh air and silence. There are many things you can do - walking, hiking, swimming, riding a bike, canoeing.. But make sure you don't put the fire in any fire place if you don't have permission, it can cause some damage for your wallet! But anyway, the park is perfect place to be for picnics, just bring it from home or on the way there grab a piece of spinach cake and your picnic will be pretty well organized. Also, on couch-surfing groups you can find fellow-travelers who might want to join you! || I went there with my three friends - one local american and two lithuanians. We sat on the roots of trees close to lake, hiding in the shades from really strong sun but still going to swim in fresh water. Before we did a great hike around lakes in the park and than let ourselves to rest. Been there few times and both times enjoyed to the fullest. The great thing is that the park is so big that it is hard to meet other people. Of course some parts are more crowded, especially where you can rent water equipment. The funny and nice part of this park is, that sometimes people decide to camp/live there for several months, they are rare but if you meet them, they will share a story! My local friend was exactly the one who did that.. during the winter! And everybody there says: be aware of poison ivory! || I wrote this story to prove that in Massachusetts is not only Boston , Six flags (amusement park) or Martha's Vineyard island (where America's president goes for his vacations and it is stunning), but also with simple but breathtaking places as well. But for now, few pictures from Boston and surroundings as well! Mass state is small, but really great to visit!

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