The New Bridge of Ronda

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 8 months ago

Ronda is a very original Andalucian village for many reasons, apart from beautiful I have been fortunate enough to visit it several times, and always have added something new to my knowledge of the town. The first time was superficial and only visited the downtown and the arena for bullfighting, which was the first to be built in Spain. The second time I visited the Museo del Bandolero, a most original place that gave me much satisfaction. The third and fourth time, in transit to Sevilla, just visited again the downtown and had lunch in its central square before following my journey around Andalucia. But during my last visit, in December 2011, I spent the night in the town for the first time. In the past I had made a transit visits but without spending the night. The best hotel was the Parador (a Spanish Government ruled hotel), just in front of the famous and characteristic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) over the River Guadalevin, which was built in the XVIII century. But the prices were out of my pocket, which is why I found a comfortable hostel. That Puente Nuevo is the main characteristic of Ronda. It divides the city in two parts, separated by a canyon. The bridge is a wonder of architecture, apart from pretty. The gorge below has over 100 meters deepness. The evening atmosphere was great in Ronda, not in terms of nightclubs or pubs, but for the local families and the few tourists walking around and having dinner and glasses of wine with tapas in the cafeterias until late in the night.

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