Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

by Nafisah Wulandari - 5 years, 5 months ago

When I got out from the place that I was staying in, I saw the bright lights and heard honks running from one to another – and they reminding me that I AM IN NEW YORK. The skyscrapers, the architecture, the crowds, the neon lights of Times Square – those were all exactly what I had pictured in my mind and I had seen in numerous movies and TV shows =) My trip started from Woodbury . Well it cost me around 42 dollars to go there and return! Woodbury is a Premium Factory Outlet and is located in New Jersey. This place is pretty well – known, that’s why we were coming over there– despite the fact that I’m not really into shopping either. United Nations is our next destination. Surely it is, since my conference was held at the UN building, what I gotta do for 3 days of the conference was going back and forth to the UN Building. I’m telling you, UN Building looks like a cigarette box! Times Square is my regular place to visit everyday while I was in NY. I love the vibe, the neon lights and psst I love to see those hot ubiquitous NYPD standing by the street of Broadway =D SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy, Coney Island and Central Park are the next target. SoHo (South Houston) gave me an immediate thought “OMG I really am in New York” while Chinatown at night gave me a bad impression. Seemed like lots of Chinese mafias were trying to find someone to be trafficked. Seriously, Chinatown at night is surely not recommended. Plainly scary, awful and smelly.. EUWH. I even searched what’s the similarity between Chinatown of New York that I saw in Lonely Planet or internet with Chinatown that I visited because I found that the Chinatown is really not a place that I can suggest you to go to. Dissapointed with Chinatown, my destination rolled to Little Italy. Heaps of hot Italian guys, so be prepared before you come to this place! =D I didn’t want to throw away this chance, so I decided to eat at an Italian restaurant which offered quite cheap price comparing with the other restaurants nearby. And Oh My Dear God, the portion was just GIGANTIC, even my big stomach couldn’t even handle it. The next days, we went to Coney Island. A lot of movies I had watched, took place in this marvelous site. Coney Island is a beach, with sea world, flea market and classic theme park on the sea side. I rode a roller coaster that claimed to be THE FIRST ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD. And trust me,that was the scariest roller coaster on the planet! I couldn’t be so wrong! I also bought the famous Nathan’s hot dog that surprisingly making me craving for more after I went back to Indonesia :( Central Park, what can I say about this place? It’s an artificial HUGE park anyway and every part of Central Park was simply enjoyable to walk on. The never – ending greenery that caught my eyes was refreshing! Don’t forget to come to Strawberry Fields (Remember Beatles’ song, Strawberry Fields Forever?)! You can find a memorial to Lennon which is a grove of trees contributed by different countries. I also loved the street musicians in Central Park, from a flautist, harpist even an entire orchestra! Last days in New York were spent in the Liberty and Battery Park,Broadway,Macy’s,Disney World,Ground Zero,Wallstreet, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock and the Museum of Natural History. I realize that best to decide all your stops beforehand so that time can be budgeted – which is something I didn’t do! DAMN that’s why all these must – sees were queuing to be visited at the end of my days in New York! Liberty and Battery Park were indeed touristy spots. Who doesn’t want to go to the Liberty while he is in New York? Nobody does. Enough said. Broadway just simply blew me away. I queued for almost 2 hours to get the ticket and finally I got the ticket for WEST SIDE STORY! Excellent! I even want to say that You can’t claim you’ve been to New York unless you already watched Broadway! I bought the standing ticket since that was the cheapest prize =D Macy’s? Just another department store though it claims to be the biggest department store EVER. Disney World is indeed my playground! I never regretted for visiting this place, it sells every single thing in life that you couldn’t have imagined before. A rice cooker with mickey and minnie background? You name it. Ground Zero? Hmm well surprisingly this turned out to be a waste of time because, well, there’s nothing much to see except construction work. So I moved to Wallstreet, it’s located near from the Ground Zero. My mouth was opened when I got in the front of New York Stock Exchange. A huge USA flag welcomed me. Then, The Trumph Building also grabbed my attention. So finally I saw, the building that was used for Spiderman The Movies :D After being got bored by Wallstreet, I decided to take a walk on Brooklyn Bridge to see Manhattan’s skyline at night. SIMPLY AMAZING! And the very last was Museum of Natural History. It was well – known because of ‘The Night At the Museum’. That was the most amazing museum I’ve ever been to! It’s fun to take a walk while remembering the movie and which scene was taken at every part of the museum. New York, anyway, is quite easy to navigate. The city is divided into streets and avenues, crossing at right angles so it’s easy to find a place on the grid. And don’t forget about friendly New Yorkers! They helped me a lot when I asked them for directions. They seemed willingly enough to show me the right direction and making sure that I was understand. My high point of the trip was when I standing at the top of Top of The Rock, skyscraper that claims to be the tallest building in the Empire State (New York). I didn’t forget to take a picture from Top of the Rock with Empire State Building as the background. Seeing the sunrise combined with buildings of New York that almost touch the sky was not a view that I could see everyday or maybe every year. I had a bizarre miserable feeling as I left New York, I’m not sure that I would get a chance to have a visit again to the Big Apple. So on my flight back, I listened to New York New York by Frank Sinatra just to extend the remarkable New York experience a little bit longer!

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