The ferry between the two Samoas

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 8 months ago

I thought that American Samoa was like Hawaii or Guam: North American citizens everywhere, English spoken, hamburgers and coca colas in the fast food restaurants, etc. But I was completely wrong. Apart from the currency, the US dollar, nothing else reminded me the USA. The men wore lava-lava, they spoke Samoan language (although everybody could understand English), and the food was typical Polynesian. I felt a palagi (foreigner), as people called me. Pago Pago is a nice town situated in a bay with a fiord, and the main island, Tutuila, has waterfalls and some historical places, such as Tula, from where the old Polynesian embarked to discover other Pacific islands, such as the Marquesas, in French Polynesia. It is worth a visit Aasu and its monument to La Perouse, the French explorer of the XVIII century who had a battle with the natives losing 12 men (the Samoans lose 40 men). Sometime later La Perouse and his men lose their lives in the Solomon. My last day in Pago Pago I took a boat to Apia, in Western Samoa.

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