Pärnu – where the sky is what matters

by Dino D - 4 years, 3 months ago

During the summer of 2013, my friend and I decided to travel around the Europe. For quite a bit. We made this whole project around it called Ramino, together with a FB group and a YT channel where we posted our adventures for our friends to see. ( One of the places we almost immediately fell in love with, was Pärnu, Estonia's summer capital. A place we almost skipped and a place we later decided to come back to, definitely. Have you ever seen those small „Like a local“maps? They are quite popular in the Baltic countries, as much as I've seen – small maps by design, containing information you cannot usually find: like unique cafes and cheap restaurants, local phrases and traditions. When we picked one from Tartu, the other side of it was describing Pärnu. Not much of it, but enough to raise our attention. When we head „back to Europe“, we decided to hitchhike through it. A small city with a small center and a small park and a small bridge over a small lake. But the beach and the sky? Those two feel as huge as when you were a small child and your parents just gave you a 250g chocolate to hold: your eyes widening, your jaw dropping on the floor, drooling. The weather was amazing – sunny and cloudy that made a perfect combination for taking pictures; made even better with a low tide leaving nice markings on the soft sand. A random situation there that put a smile on my face was due to the low tide making „small sand islands“next to the beach. There was a father with his daughter playing pirates. She was the captain of the ship ordering him to „fight the evil monsters“and „look for the land“. He was an obedient sailor completely dedicated to his role. If you continue walking down the beach, you will go pass the LADIES BEACH – a nude beach specially reserved for women, but nobody, luckily, gave me an evil eye for going through it. But if you go pass that „forbidden land“, you will come before „Seawall“ – a rocky path ending in the middle of the sea. According to the legend, an old local man made it in order to be closer to moon and stars. The other legends says that if you pass the whole length holding hands with someone, you two will be inseparable for life. What we thought will be 10-15min of an easy walk, turned to be 45min (one way) journey, full of water-y perils and dangers in which I've lost my leg (*I felt down and got it wet). But it was all worth it when you get to the end and feel content and satisfaction together with a realization that the fact you made it here holding hands, there's nothing that you CAN'T do.

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