Dont trust the elephants

by Márton Csuzi - 4 years, 3 months ago

It was like a cheesy end scene of a B category movie. We were leaving behind the Hotel, in which we've been working for the last 10 weeks. We were riding our scooter in a beautiful sunset, with yellow, orange and red clouds in the sky. It was liberating... until the next red light. Where we spent five minutes, until the sunset faded away. Damn those asian traffic jams wasted some valuable time of our lives, but on that day we didn't care, because we were once again wild and free. Few minutes later as I took the exit on the superhighway, our scooter stopped. Or at least the engine. Two times in a row. Come on! Hold on. This was the second scooter in 2 month that have been dying in my arms. A few hundred meters. It stopped again. Seemed like she didn't like going under 25 km/h. But finally we managed to the bike rental. We gave it back, and walked home talking about all the adventures we had during our two month in the beautiful North Thailand. We have been playing around with little tiger babies, we've been dropped in to a cold water river by elephants, cliff diving, boat riding, bamboo rafting, mountain climbing, driving in amazing landscapes and going wild in the nights. We left all these behind on that day and headed south for some more fun in a different type of thailand.

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