Kerala - 'God's own country'

by mahendra pratap - 5 years, 4 months ago

Kerala also known as 'God's own country' WHY? to know the answer i visted this and got alot of reason. The people of Kerala enjoy a unique cosmopolitan outlook, which is reflected in their tolerance towards other races and religions. May be Because of it's picturesque valleys... It is naturally very beautiful. There are lots of places to visit and tourists like it too . It is less populated and polluted as compare to Metro cities. people who are living in high sound and with pollution likes to visit a place where they can get peace of mind. It is silent and beautifully decorated by our Own God. it is loved by nature lovers a lot. there are thousand reasons to call it The 'God's own country'. If you have not visited Kerala yet, just visit once you will automatically come to know that, you are in a grace of God and why it is called as Gods Own City.

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