Local Kids!

by Laura Camile - 5 years, 4 months ago

The most amazing thing while you are abroad is to get to know local people and it makes you not a tourist anymore. I spent two months in Zanzibar island exploring all other islands around and I couldn't be more happy whom I met there - local kids! The purest creatures I had ever seen. They don't have iPods - they sing by themselves, they don't have iPads, they play with each other! It's not like I have something against technology but it is just that they really enjoy their childhood! First of all, I was living in local family with 5 years old girl name Happy (and she was really happy!) and 2 years old boy Erick, who was extremely nice and funny all the time. Even the boy didn't speak English, we found the ways to communicate. We invented our own card game, we chased chickens in the garden and went to the beach, which was actually very close to home. Besides these two technology-not-touched kids, I met plenty others while chilling on the beach. They just come to you and start talking, because they are curious, why your hair is so straight or so blond, why the skin is so bright. They like to explore and though they don't know much english, they try. I had met a boy, 15 years old, who heard me and another woman talking english and came towards us, asking to talk to him, so he can practice his oral english skills. Now, how many of us would dare to do this? I am living in the Netherlands right now but I didn't find guts to do it so far, haha! Anyway, this is not all. Also had opportunity to meet kids in the school and see how interested they are in classes and how much abilities they have to reach their goals. They have pure ideas and pretty naive thoughts, but they are still young, so life will teach them other lessons, but so far I never heard anything like that before (example: so in my opinion cats has to smell everything otherwise they can't find food, or can they? Because if they don't find a mouse we will have to say bye bye to them, you know?).I found this very nice and exactly what kids should think and speak in age of 5-6, not all the swearing words.. But I have to admit, I saw 5 years old smoking, because his dad was just sitting asides and doing the same, but things comes from the families, so hopefully much more families are wishing better life for their kids than just a cigarette. Of course in Stone Town (center) you will see many homeless people and annoying kids who are passing you by asking A DOLLAR, but that's what they were taught. But in little villages, like in the north of Zanzibar, in Nungwi you will meet more pure kids with big smiles and huge curiosity about everything: numbers, letters, colors, books, clothes..

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