Caves and adrenaline!

by Laura Gurskyte - 4 years, 2 months ago

Making friends abroad is the most amazing thing that can happen while you are away from your home town. Than they make you feel at home and shows the greatest place, that just a tourist will never know and that the most popular websites will never say. Maybe they will consider the safety or maybe something else, but some parts will be missed, which are definitely worth attention. Such a place is in Zanzibar as well and it is called Arabic coast. Well, now it got a little bit more popular, but if you try to google just Arabic Coast, Zanzibar, you barely get some information and in the first place you won't even know that you have to google it. But if you try Mangapwani, they will most likely give you a great views of caves. When I went there, I was given a nice story, how it was discovered. Locals believe, that ages ago there were goatherd who lost one of his goats into the hole of the earth. He told to his master and the whole group was sent to discover what kind of hole it was. When they found those caves, they used to keep slaves there. Cruel, but true. After a long time, when they found there were lots of good water, they believed it was holy and went to wash themselves there once in awhile. Actually, they (Zanzibarians) still do it time to time. But now it is available for people to come and check the caves as well. It is made more 'friendly' for people to go down to the main 'hall of the cave', but to go through caves not many people find guts. There used to be two pathways under the ground, one was going to the open ocean. unfortunately few years ago the rocks fell down and blocked the pathway. That one was around 15 kilometers. The one that I took was around 1 km, but was pretty difficult to beat anyways. I don't want to mention that it was extremely dark, but it was also very hard to find where to place the foot, in some places it got very narrow and we almost had to go on our knees, in some places there were lots of water. In the end we had to climb very narrow path to get out of the caves. We got out very dirty. And it was really adventurous, it is a little too difficult to give you the feeling of what we had, but it was giving shivers and satisfaction that we did it after all!

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