Beach escape

by Laura Camile - 5 years, 4 months ago

IF YOU WANT to be on the most amazing beaches ever.. chose Zanzibar. Really. The sand is so nice and the water is so clear and transparent, that it is a must see and must to do. Anyway, mostly what you will hear there is - HAKUNA MATATA, which basically means NO WORRIES. SO everybody on the beach is walking around and repeating the same phrase. Also - POLE POLE - which means slowly slowly, or something like slow down, so again, just enjoy beach, sun and company and don't let your mind to be obsessed by something else. One of the most amazing things there is coconut and it's milk! Just tastes so fresh that could never compare with anything I had before. Also it is very cheap and you can see a person climbing a palm tree to get you a coconut! So all you have to do is enjoy. What I also loved while on the beach was to get a samosa, mostly with vegetables. This was definitely my favorite snack/lunch/food. And chilling on the beach comes even more amazing, if you are in Nungwi, because there on the beach they have free hammocks! So just make sure you come early enough and enjoy your own spot with views and take your sun-cream with you. First times I was so badly burned, I dont want to remember that again , yeah? hahaha! And also beach related activities. I went snorkeling, which was totally amazing! Went close to Mnemba island and the views were great - sea stars, octopus, colorful fishes.. I was smiwwiming around and lost the track of time, never thought I would be able to swim for 1,5 hours, but they just melted. Plus the boat we went for snorkeling was amazing. It was all wooden with some kind of 'terrace' on top, which made the boat more beautiful. And it was very international, which makes more sense to enjoy, so you can meet more international people and become friends. Just drinks on boat are 10 times as expensive as in market, but memorize that in market you overpay anyways. Also, public beaches doesn't allow you to be in bikini's , so better find a tourist-friendly resorts and go there, you don't have to hang out only in your own resort or guest house or whatever. Just grab a drink and go whenever you want. My favorite was a villa place infront of "The Rock" ( a seafood restaurant in the east side of the island) and the Mbweni Ruins, just the water is not that blue, but all the other things like privacy, subeds and location was great! I am already missing that amazing place, though it's only been 2 months!

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