A nice change of pace in the "Bride of Thermaikos"

by Panagiotis Alexopoulos - 5 years, 3 months ago

Thessaloniki has a completely different speed in which people do things. Stores open after 10 and until then the locals walk their dogs or jog along the coastline. The clubs are full and only start to close after the sun is up. Everyone is calmer than I expected and this made me a good impression. Then you have the parks. And the paved streets. It all seems good. Even better if you live in Athens and its depressing mood. What is more, every second Sunday one of the main streets that go along the beach close to let people have more space to walk. We happened to see that and were taken by surprise. The street goes by the White Tower and the abscence of cars amplifies the awe-effect of it. And the tower is open to go in and up. For the food I cannot tell as I had only fast food and coffee. But it was cheap. For 1 frappe coffee, 2 French pastries with cream and 1 ham-cheese pie we paid 6,40€. In Athens i'd pay about 9 euros for this order. So there is that. Transportation is good. There are only buses (they are building the metro at the moment) and there are tons of them. Fares are .5-1€ but the best is that every stop has a monitor that says the exact time of arrival for the next 5 buses as well as their number and destination. What is more, when you get on the bus there is an automatic ticket vending machine (sadly it does not give back change so you must give the closest to exact you can) and the speakers announce the next stop. As anyone can see, I loved it up there.

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