1, 2, 3... Naples!

by Dino D - 5 years, 1 month ago

Quite a popular city on the lower half of the Italian „boot“, has a slightly bad reputation – courtesy of Camorra. But if you look beside it, one can find quite a lot of interesting and appealing things to do. When I visited the city in the summer, 2013, I've spent there almost 5 days and, not wanting to waste any time, I've done my share of exploring. But, there are 3 things everyone simply MUST do, if in Naples. 1.) PIZZA – earning some „muffin tops“ I once heard that you can judge the quality of a pizzeria by how good they prepare the most basic type of a pizza – Margherita. And trust me, if you try the one in Naples (*the origin place of a modern pizza, where the dish is protected by EU), you won't need any other. Ever again! „Da Michele“ is one of the two best places to have your taste buds blasted with simplicity, but only after you have waited for around 30 minutes to actually get in. Inside, everything is so full that don't be surprised if you have to share your table with some strangers. **Buy 1 pizza & get a person to talk to FOR FREE!** The menu they offer consists of 2 (two) types of pizza with an additional option of extra cheesy crust and couple of drinks. All together around 5 items. The walls are covered with picture of famous people eating there which is one thing I really LOVED about those Italian „small“ businesses – they don't aspire to spread, but they are proud of what they have accomplished. „Da Michele“ was even portrayed in „Eat, pray, love“ with Julia Roberts, who's picture is on the wall, too. Hey, what's good for ol' Jules is good for you! 2.) POMPEI – walking down the history lane If you have been living under a rock for the past 2000 years, well, you've probably survived the eruption of Mount Vesuvio that wiped out one whole city. What's left now has been dug out starting with 1599 and now offers a unique experience of walking down the streets of a Roman city, as if nothing changed. The building are well-preserved thanks to the lack of air and moisture during its „burial“ for 1500 years. But you can almost feel like you're there, in the past, walking past ancient fast-food restaurants, bakeries and even the „red light district“. There are water fountains throughout the city offering refreshment during those hot, summer days and the hardest thing is, unfortunately, finding a quiet place, without tourist rummaging this ancient city. 3.) MOUNT VESUVIO – up, up aaaaand down When in Naples, you simply have to conquer Vesuvio. It's not as high as some other mountains but it will take you quite some time and effort to reach the top. The reason behind it are the volcanic ashes and dirt covering the whole path that takes you down one step for every two you make. If you are a non-athletic type, expect a muscle fever the day after. And A LOT of shoe-cleaning to do. At the top, you can gaze the crater, with no lava in it so don't expect to get rid of some bad memories there. If the weather is nice you can expect to have an amazing view of the whole city and if it's cloudy you can expect having a spooky feeling walking around the crater, kinda isolated from the rest of the world. Since I feel generous, let me suggest you visiting the AMALFI COAST, as well. Situated south of Naples, it is slightly „forgotten“ due to the popularity of a similar-looking Cinque Terre (next to Genoa). But, if you ask me, Amalfi is much more beautiful and will leave you with a „fairy-tale-like“ feeling.

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