My city - Vilnius

by Darata Zemaitaityte - 5 years, 4 months ago

I was born here and I grew up here. And now listen what amazing things were surrounding me here! First of all - lithuanian people. My country is not very international. We have some polish people, some russians, but not too much. I guess we are not very open minded in the end. Anyway, Maybe because of the, we have pretty low prices. For a 0.5l beer (really good one!) we will pay 2 euros maximum! That's why our parties here are amazing. And we got a lot new pubs in Vilnius in past few years, because since we got independence the city was just growing. So no extreme old places, only new and very cozy places! Also, Vilnius is very nice capital and one of the stops, when people do a 'Baltic Tour'. If you went to Tallin or Riga, you must to go to Vilnius as well, it is kinda impossible to separate, so if you plan to visit one country, you will have to visit all 3! And it really makes sense. Thats why it is so cool! Also in Vilnius we have so many nature, that on good weather it is full of different people who are ready to chit chat. After all my travels I am also happy to come back home!

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