by Laura Camile - 5 years, 4 months ago

On the first place, Västerås can look very boring place. In my eyes it was such an industrial city, I wanted to cry thinking of people who live there, seriously! But then I become the one who stayed there for a long time, and I fell in love with that place, or with attitude, that that place had. What to do in Västerås in WINTER. 1. Go to watch ice-hockey game! It can be veryy-y-y addictive! 2. Go for country-side skying, this is totally fun and good exercise, so many people do this activity, but of course they have snow for it (most of the time). 3. Go for a hike in Bjorno (island which could be reached on foot from center), on winter it is fun, because you can make barbeques in special places, go down on ass from top of the hill.. whatever:) 4. You have a good excuse to drink a lot of Glühwein (well, beccause it is cold!). 5. When the Mälardalen lake frozes, you can ice-skate on it!!! Check my video that I attached here, and you will see a little part of our daily fun !! 6. Go to Blue Moom Bar, where all the people goes for fun parties, to warm up with dancing moves! 7. Make sure to buy a bottle of Mintu (alcohol drink) and pour a little to your cacoa drink, not for alcohol basis, but for the mint taste that that drink gives. It makes you warmer (a little) and leaves an amazing flavor on your tongue! Promise:)

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