Facts about Dubai that make it a must visit

by Chetan Jadhav - 2 years, 7 months ago

It took not too much of time for Dubai to grow from a small Bedouin fishing village to the biggest entertainment hub of the world. The city today, boasts of everything that is present, holds on to its humble past and is laying out the most revolutionary plans for the future. But how was all this possible? 

Post oil discovery and accumulation of abundant wealth; the rulers of the city channelized the wealth towards promoting tourism, thus, transforming Dubai is a revolutionary way.

Here are some of the Dubai facts that makes it the most loved tourist destination in the world.

Dubai has 0% crime rateNow who wouldn’t want to go to a city which has almost zero crime rate and is regarded as the safest place on earth. Dubai is a city where people of diverse places and beliefs stay together in harmony without any disruption. Achieving this consistently is no mean feat. No wonder the police in Dubai travel with the best of luxury cars (Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes and more).

World’s biggest and tallest structuresOne of the most interesting facts about Dubai is that the city boasts of the biggest and tallest manmade structures of all time. Its iconic building Burj Khalifa is the tallest man made building in the world. It has the largest natural flower garden in the world and so many more world record holding architectures that leaves the tourists awestruck. 

One of the most advanced cities of the world

One of the most developed cities in the world- Dubai is loved by tourists as they get the best of everything at one place. Dubai is the city of larger than life projects, glittering nightlife, and almost everything futuristic is either already operational, in process or in its planning stage. From the biggest man made islands (visible even from space) to the biggest entertainment project(Dubailand); Dubai is growing like crazy. A glimpse of ongoing growth can be understood from the fact that 24% of the total cranes on earth are always at work in Dubai.

Diversity in People and in FoodWhat do a tourist most like about a place? Its diversity, and Dubai has a mere of 15% local population and the rest 85% are expats giving the city, their own variety. People from all parts of the world live here in peace and harmony and with them they bring along a diversity, rarely seen elsewhere. 

Because of this rich diversity, the food scene of Dubai is also quite unlike anywhere else. You name a cuisine and Dubai is most likely to have a restaurant dedicated solely for it. Arabic, Chinese, African, Indian, Pakistani, European, Continental, Italian, Brazilian and many more add to the list. From the best of fine dining in the world, to the cheapest yet sumptuous street food, Dubai witness the biggest diversity for a tourist destination.

A shopper’s paradiseDubai is a hub of shopping. Whether it is the world famous Dubai Shopping festival every year or the world renowned traditional souqs; Dubai can get a shopaholic out of anyone. The city boasts of some of the biggest malls in the world including the Dubai mall with 1200 shops, 200 cafes and restaurants, and Mall of Emirates with the world’s first and finest indoor ski area. While the gold souq beckons you with tons of gold, the perfume and spice souq calls you for their exotic product range at throw away prices. What adds to the joy of shopping is that you can bargain at these souqs without a shame.

World’s most luxurious accommodations

The city of Dubai is known for its impeccable hospitality and uber luxury accommodations. The finest name in this list includes the Burj Al Arab. Built on a manmade island on the Arabian Sea, Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel with an average price tag of approximately $25000 per night. Most of the luxury resorts in Dubai have their own spa, a private beach and other facilities to ensure that the guest are absolutely contented. Even for travelers on a budget, Dubai has a plethora of options for comfortable accommodations at economical prices coupled with warm hospitality.

Snow, Sea and Desert- all at one place, all year roundDubai is a city where you can experience extreme heat of the desert, shivers of the snow and adventures of water, all at one place. Enjoy the adventures of dune bashing and Quad biking with the Dubai desert safari. Dubai also offers exciting watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving, cage diving, surfing and a lot more. Enjoy snow all year round in the desert city of Dubai at Skii Dubai- world’s first indoor ski resort with artificial snow mountain, world’s first 400m black diamond run and real penguins to play with.

Hassle-free Visa and ImmigrationOne of the biggest reasons for the consistent growth in Dubai’s tourism is its convenient visa regulations. Citizens of over 33 countries are exempted from acquiring a prior Dubai tourist Visa. For other countries for whom prior issuance of Visa is necessary, the procedures are extremely easy and hassle-free. Tourists with proper documents can get a visa in as short as 4 day’s time through online processing.

Some more interesting facts about Dubai that makes it a sough after destination:

  • Almost every big food chain of the world has a branch in Dubai. It’s a foodies paradise and you get a full meal for as low as $2 and as high as $1000.
  • Camel racing is one of the most traditional sports of UAE and Dubai organizes it on a grand scale. The camel racing here is done by robot riders.
  • Bastakiya Quarters is the oldest heritage area in Dubai and is still maintained in the same Bedouin style to give tourists a glimpse of the city’s past.
  • Dubai Global village located in Dubailand is one of the region’s biggest shopping, cultural and entertainment destination with stalls of over 70 countries.

For an emirate formed in 1971 to reach a height where oil production constitutes of only 6% of its economy and the rest 94% comes from tourism and real estate, is no mean feat.  Adding to all this is the fact that Dubai is still growing with an unstoppable pace and is looking forward to surpass its own benchmarks.

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