Historic Town of Ouro Preto

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

I would spend a full day in this pretty town, and even would have time to visit Mariana, at just half an hour distance by bus. Yes, there were many tourist, but I did not complain, since I was also a tourist, and I do not mind to mix with many tourists. The town and churches were stunning, the restaurants were wonderful offering local dishes, and the atmosphere super. I had a very pleasant day visiting that town. I had many expectations before arriving to Ouro Preto and was not disappointed. There was a time when Ouro Preto was the most populous city in the whole of America, in the middle of the XVIII century, during the gold rush, when it was discovered gold. I had time to visit practically everything. One of the most visited churches was the one built by Aleijadinho, and was called Igreja de São Francisco de Assis. 

Aleijadinho was the son of a portuguese father and an african slave mother. He is considered the best baroque sculptor in the whole of America during his time. All the 12 prophets in the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus of Matosinhos, in Congonhas, and many churches in Ouro Preto, where he was born, are his main works of art. 

To visit some churches you had to pay, but most of them were free of charge, the same with some palaces that were free of charge. 

One of the churches that I could not visit was the Nossa Senhora do Pilar. They asked me to buy an expensive ticket.

When I arrived to the main square named Tiradentes, I saw a statue devoted to this brazilian hero Tiradentes. Around that place there were the best restaurants and places to buy ice creams. The town is very hilly, you always have to climb streets, what confers its charm. 

After my visit to Ouro Preto and Mariana (a lovely town very near to Ouro Preto), I took a night bus to Vitoria, in the state of Espiritu Santo.

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