Meeting a TBT member (Paulo Mansur Raymundo) in Salvador

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

You like a place for what you have felt and experienced there. To visit monuments and natural beauty is OK, and also UNESCO sites, but the best is the human factor, to make friends with the local people or to meet an old friend. That is why I love Salvador. I had spent about one week in that pretty city in 1986. I remember that in those times I enjoyed Salvador and made friends with some girls from Porto Alegre, we lived in the synagogue, for free (they were Jewish and I said that I had recently worked several months as volunteer in a kibbutz near Jerusalem, what was true). We all were short of money. 


During my second stay in the year 2016 I met Paulo, a great traveler, the only one in South America who has been in all the 193 countries of the United Nations. He is one of the Magnificent Seven, together with german Heinz Stucke, french André Brugiroux, north american Jeff Shea, german Sascha Grabow, etc. Paulo travels to get to know the countries visited deeply, to learn and get enriched with knowledge, to develop himself, but not to increase his points account in a travel club. He has made seven around the world journeys and has crossed the five continents overland, without taking an airplane. We had met in the past, in my home city Barcelona, Spain, a few years earlier.


Thanks to Paulo and his girlfriend Cris my day spent in Salvador was unforgettable. Paulo did not let me pay anything, I was his guest, he affirmed. I was also short of money during that journey, as usual, so his generosity helped me to continue travelling around South America. Apart from a great traveler he is also a great man, what is more important. 

Paulo showed me around Pelourinho area, then we went by car to the best beaches, the lighthouse, the portuguese fortress, to several lovely churches and places of pilgrimage (like the Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim), etc. And finally, after inviting me to the lunch (the previous night he invited me to have dinner), we say hasta la vista in the rodoviaria, or bus terminal, from where I traveled to Tocantins state. 

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