Antequera Dolmen Sites

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

Antequera was a great and unexpected surprise to me. I reached that town by train, from Algeciras, with a stop in Ronda. That train journey was also a wonder, at least until Ronda, one of the most stunning andalucian cities. Once in Antequera I first went to the Dolmen sites, the reason of my journey to that town. It was summertime and they only opened the site in the morning, so I walked back to the downtown, looked for an affordable hostel to spend the night and explored the city, leaving for the morning of the next day the visit of the Dolmen sites, an ensemble of megalithic monuments. These dolmens and the beauty of the historic buildings within the town, plus some fantastic rock formations nearby (El Torcal plus La Roca de los Enamorados) were nominated in the Indicative list of UNESCO and are a serious candidate to become a Patrimony of the Humankind. On the middle of July 2016 the decision was taken in Istanbul by the UNESCO committee and the dolmens became a new World Patrimony.The richness in history of Antequera is not inferior than in other andalusian cities such as Úbeda, Baeza, or even Sevilla. At every step you find a castle, an ancient church, roman ruins, arabian vestiges, palaces, a fortress with its walls... In a central square I found the monument of the Kilómetro Cero, and then I learnt that Antequera is considered the center of Andalucía, the same way that Puerta del Sol, in Madrid, is the center of Spain. In the morning I walked to the dolmen sites. I saw two of them because the third and still others were a little bit far and the road to get there crossed the highway, and I did not have a car. The entrance was free of charge. I walked for about two hours around, observing the two sites. Inside a kind of cave I was admired when reading the purpose of those dolmen by our prehistoric spaniards. I felt satisfied with my visit. I then headed to Madrid by bus. 

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