One day excursion to Waiheke Island

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

In Auckland I bought a round trip ticket to Waiheke island by boat. The journey took about half an hour. 

I liked the view of Auckland from the ferry.

When I arrived to the port of Waiheke island I walked, perhaps 20 minutes, until a beach called Oneroa, in a village with the same name. It was the month of may, a little cold, and nobody was there swimming, I was the only one in the beach. Then I walked around the island for about two hours, visiting small villages. The island was pretty. I even found an internet into a public library (it was called Waiheke Island Artworks and Library, and it was free of charge). When it was starting to become dark I returned on foot to Oneroa. I tried to spend the night in the beach of Oneroa, on the sand first and then over a wooden bench. I had bought food in a supermarket and ate it there on the beach, but the mosquitoes prevented me to sleep, therefore in the middle of the night I walked back to the pier, in the darkness. where thanks to the breeze I was not molested by the mosquitoes. At about 5AM I was woken up by the owner of a cafeteria. He was so nice man! He said that he was very sorry to have molested me but he had to open his cafeteria and I was lying with my sleeping bag just at the door of the cafeteria. He compensated me with a free coffee with milk. At noon I returned to Auckland by ferry. One day in Waiheke had been enough for me.

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