The gateway to the Fujian Tulou

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

I arrived to the rail station of Longyang already dark. I asked the people around for the Fujian Tulou area and was informed that first I needed to go to Kanshi and from there I would be closer to Yongding. Some of the passengers of my train who were coming from Fuzhou, also wanted to go there so we all boarded a shared taxi to Kanshi, in the middle of the way. Chinese are so nice people that first of all they worried for my situation and wanted to find a place to stay for me. One of them offered me his house, to stay together with his family, but I did not want to bother them, therefore I asked if they knew a cheap hostel, and they brought me to the Hotel Fu Miao, and I paid 80 Yuan for a single room. They had rooms for 100, 80 and 60 Yuan, but I was given a room of 100 Yuan for only 80. One of them promised me to come back in the morning with his motorcycle to show me around the city, and to discover for me a Fujian Tulou, not so impacting like those in the UNESCO list, but anyway interesting. Besides that hotel there were many shops selling food. Chinese love to eat all the time. I bought some food and had dinner. I saw in that street market, apart from exotic fruits and vegetable, turtles, pasta, bamboo... and other products that I could not identify.

In the morning my new chinese friend came early and during two hours he showed me around Kanshi, and we entered the old tulou, that instead of being rounded, it was like a square, with only the ground floor, and inside several families were living. Even there was a temple. We had tea with his friends, all Hakka people (among themselves they spoke in Hakka, but they all knew Mandarin Chinese too) and finally he brought me to the bus station from where I caught one of them until the famous Fujian Tulou area. 

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