The world's tallest minaret

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

I arrived during the evening to Casablanca and went to sleep in a 4 stars hotel for free, in downtown (I was coming from a flight from Rio de Janeiro and the hotel, with dinner and breakfast, was included in the ticket).

In the morning I first visited the medina and walked within the walls. There were many shops but few people in its narrow streets because it was early in the morning during Ramadan times and everybody was sleeping. The city of Casablanca has about 4 millions inhabitants, but the most interesting is the downtown and the zouk inside the citadel, together with the Hassan II mosque, all at a walking distance from the railway station.

From the medina I walked about half an hour to the sea, to the Atlantic Ocean. It was there that it is located Hassan II mosque with the tallest minaret in the world, with a height of 210 meters.

But I could not go inside, it was forbidden for no muslims, therefore I only saw it from the street. Its location is stunnnig, by the Atlantic Ocean. I read that about 25.000 people can be accommodated inside the mosque, plus 80.000 in the courtyard.

There were other tourist attractions in Casablanca, but most of them forbidden for Christians, like the small island Marabout de Sidi Abderrahmane, a sufi from Baghdad, therefore I only spent there half a day. At midday I left by train to Rabat.

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