Historic City of Meknes

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

The bus from the train station dropped me in a big square that immediately reminded me Jemaa el Fnaa in Marrakech. But it was not so colorful. Furthermore, being in Ramadan times, the square was not so alive (it would be very crowded in the evening). I noticed an old town surrounded by high walls. One of the gates was remarkably beautiful, but it was closed; it was called Bab Mansour. The next gate was open and I saw how the tourists hired horse drawn carriages to enter inside the old town through that gate. I also did like them, but walking. The mosque just in front looked nice and there were people singing religious songs. I liked the music, it gave me the impression that there were Sufi chants. But once I crossed the gate I was advised that "unfaithful people" (that is, christians for them) are not allowed inside. Then I walked and entered narrow streets observing the architecture and the forms of doors and windows. I spent a long time discovering the medina and taking pictures everywhere. I liked inside, but it was not so stunning like Fes. I got lost in one occasion and had to ask for the way out to the main square to the local people.After one hour or so I walked back to the open gate and then followed the perimeter of the walls. I saw old palaces and mosques and still more gates. In all I spent three hours in Meknes, but that was my second visit to that town, the first one had been in 1984, but I hardly remembered anything from my first visit 32 years earlier. I finally took a bus to spend the night in Moulay Idriss. 

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