Mercado Central de Belo Horizonte

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

I had to stop for one day in Belo Horizonte twice, one coming from Brasilia and then again when coming from Diamantina. Every time I took the opportunity to get to know something new of this town, like churches, gardens, the monument devoted to Tiradentes (he was a leader of the Brazilian movement for independence from Portugal), etc.

One of the places that I liked most was the Mercado Central (Central Market) for its exotism. It is huge, it occupies a whole block. 

It is the oldest market in Belo Horizonte, founded in the year 1929 according to a sign in the main gate of the market showing the date. Inside there are the most incredible articles for sale, including animals like turtles and birds, tropical fruits and flowers, pepper, raw tobacco... You can also can have lunch there, comida minera (local food from Minas Gerais), or buy souvenirs. 

From Belo Horizonte I traveled by bus to Ouro Preto.

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