Meeting of waters in the Amazon River

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 2 months ago

Being in Manaus I resolved to visit Amapá state. There were direct services between these two cities, but I prefered to buy two boat tickets, the first one from Manaus to Santarem, where I would spend half a day, and the second ticket from Santarem to Macapá (Amapá state capital). The third ticket by boat from Macapá to Belem, I would buy it in Macapá. The boat journey Manaus - Santarem takes one and a half day. The boat journey Santarem - Macapá takes one and a half day. The boat journey Santarem - Belem takes one day. Before arriving to Santarem you observe the church Nossa Senhora da Conceição. One of the highlights of this boat journey is the stop in small villages where indians live. You always have time to disembark and have a look to the village during the loading and downloading cargo operation. But the best was the encounter of the waters from the Amazonas and the Tapajos river. I remembered that during my last visit to Santarem 30 years before (in the year 1986) I did not see that meeting of waters in Santarem, but in that same journey I saw another similar one between the Amazonas and the Rio Negro while traveling by boat to Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira. In fact, during the present journey in 2016, I already saw that phenomenon a few days earlier, when traveling by boat from Porto Velho (in Rondonia state) and Manaus through the River Madeira. During several kilometers the waters do not mix and you can distinguish their different colors. The Tapajós river is the greatest tributary of the Amazonas. I did not sleep in Santarem. At about 6PM I caught another boat to Macapá. 

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