The city of the Amazon River

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

After three days navigation across the Madeira river, from Porto Velho (Rondonia capital), I arrived to Manaus. I had one day to rediscover that city where I had spent one week 30 years earlier (in 1986). In the evening I wanted to take another boat to Santarem. Just in front I saw the exotic Mercado Adolpho Lisboa, which is like a landmark of Manaus (together with the famous Teatro de Amazonas). It is quite similar to Les Halles market, in Paris.

This market is the first visit that make the tourists arriving by boat to Manaus. According to a plaque in the front, it was build in the year 1882.Inside you will find the most exotic products, and not only fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, but also indians medicines plus spices.The Tourist Information Office is located inside that market.

It was in this market that I had breakfast. 


At about 15 minutes walking I found the Teatro Amazonas, but it was closed and could not visit its interior, what I did not regret because I had already been inside in the year 1986. It is now a candidate to become a Patrimony of the Humankind in the UNESCO list. Most of the tourist attractions of Manaus are within the port area, like the church of San Sebastián, the old Customs building, several old palaces, plus the historic center with the old houses, therefore I did not go far. I noticed that in that year (2016) they were restoring the streets of the old part, of the Belle Epoque buildings. In the evening I caught my boat to Santarem. 

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