Church and Monastery of São Bento

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 3 months ago

I arrived to this church and monastery first walking and then by lift. It was 10AM. Inside there were many people (I arrived on Sunday). Being Catholic I participated in the Mass service. They celebrated it with organ music and Gregorian chantings. It was a nice and intimate ceremony that I enjoyed.When the mass service was finished then everybody took pictures of the place. The interior was wonderful! I saw stunning wood carvings covered in gold leaf gilding, and many paintings dating from the XVII century. The prevalent styles were Baroque and Rococo.Even the situation of the monastery was stunning, it was on the top of a hill dominating the whole of Rio de Janeiro. A statue devoted to Saint Benedict of Nursia was in the patio.Apart from that abbey church nothing else could be visited in that monastery, inhabited by benedictine monks.There was a school, but it was closed, being Sunday.I asked in a shop in the patio for the Treasure section, and I was told that very rarely the visit is allowed, and when they show it is only by invitation.Anyway, I was happy because that church and monastery devoted to Saint Benedict was unique and lovely, and is listed in UNESCO as a candidate to become in the future a Patrimony of the Humankind.

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