The train journey across Guangdong East

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year, 1 month ago

I did not understand at the beginning why the ticket seller, a lady, did not want to give me in Yongding (in Fujian province, where I had just visited the Tulou houses, a UNESCO site) a ticket to Guangzhou in the last train of that day, seeing me a foreigner, and felt pity for me. That train was full, but I did not care because I had traveled around China and often you can get a seat or bed, even in fully booked trains. But that train did not have any sleeping carriage, only general seats. And that means that it is uncomfortable and you have to try to sleep on the floor. In fact, the lady wanted to protect me. But I insisted: ching, gewo i zhan piao (piao is ticket in chinese). And she ended up selling me the ticket, against her will. But I did not want to wait for the next day in the morning. Of course, I could not sleep that night, even finding a place on the floor of that train was difficult and most chinese were standing. The train journey took all night long, from 11PM to 6AM the next day, crossing the east of Guangdong province. But I made it and arrived to Guangzhou!


In Guangzhong I had planned to visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral, but I had no much time and crossing a city of over 11 millions inhabitants would had taken me much time, that is why I prefered to visit as soon as possible a UNESCO site in that province of Guangdong, like the stunning houses of Kaiping, therefore I only spent a couple of hours in Guangzhou and soon caught a bus to Kaiping. In fact I did not feel bad for missing that catholic cathedral, since I had already been in Guangzhou in the past, the first time in 1982, and visited several places in that old and interesting city.

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