The School of Life in Bagan Myanmar

by Renato Delboni - 1 year, 8 months ago

Together a backpacker friend, we were visiting some temples in Bagan region, went to these temples by electric Scotter, on the way back we had technical problems with scoooter in a remote village of the city 30 minutes from Bagan, I had to return urgently as would my bus to return to Yangon within three hours..

At first despaired to think it would delay all my travel plan if I lost that bus, but soon to find the children of this community understand the reason for being there. It was an amazing experience, just to park the scooter ladies living there help in us offering their phones to get in touch with the company that rented the scooter, meanwhile the prying eyes of the children caught my attention, just to finish call decided to relax a bit taking advantage of that time to understand how we can be happy with little, scarcity of resources was evident there but the smile on children's face was permanent.A happy afternoon.

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