Go through Paso-Canoas border

by Luc Y.L. Fromaigeat - 1 year, 8 months ago

Did you know?

- Paso Canoas is the border between Costa-Rica and Panama, on the Pan-American highway.- it is basically what we call in French "une passoire" (a strainer), that means that everything can go through easilly- the indigenous people from the region have a permission to cross at any time. They have a special "Salvoconducto", just given to them at this office  - at Paso-Canoas, right on the border, the stores open on one side in Costa-Rica, and on the other side in Panama, so you can come from Costa-Rica and buy TV sets, fabric, etc, at the cheap panamean price, without even crossing the border - the 2 roads, going parallel to the border have several "holes" which you can cross with the car and get to the other country with no hassles. Once we got the paperwork done, we did that every day.  - It is interesting to be there when there is an international football match Costa-Rica / Panama. The whole village becomes "electric"  - Did you know also that Chririquí has its own rugby team? Rugby is increasingly popular in Panama. 

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