Krka National Park 44°N 16°E

by Djordje Radinovic Kapralovic - 1 year, 8 months ago

In 2013 I have visited the Valley of Krka River and its National Park – which I can freely designate as “The Emerald of Dalmatia”. I can compare the National Park with two other places on Earth which are on the same North Latitude - the Yellowstone National Park in the USA and with the Southern France. It has abundance of nature like Yellowstone and it has the temperate climate like Southern France. Beside that it has two very old monasteries from which I have visited one with its surroundings – The Krka monastery. I was driving down the winding way till the monastery which is in the core of the valley. When I arrived to the Krka monastery my first impression was that everything is so green that human being can’t imagine that such place exists. Starting from the 700 years old cypress and Krka river to the surrounding hills which all reflects to the Krka, giving it a unique green color which can’t be seen anywhere in the World. Whole valley around the monastery is full of clear oxygen that when you are breathing you have the feel like the air is holy in that area. The monastery itself is built on the old Greek Church foundations, like many other churches in this area, in thirteenth century. Inside the monastery has the courtyard with natural fountain (which is also green) and colonnades. The church has the icons made of silver and the whole complex is influenced both by eastern and western Christian architecture. And if you know that Krka monastery is lying of very seismic active area and region where wars happen often and suddenly, you know it is worthwhile to come. All in all when you come once in this National park, you will not want to return home – even though you know you need - because here except rest for the heart, brain, lungs and soul, there's nothing else. But do you really need it.

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