To Darfur on a truck

by Jorge Sanchez - 11 months, 3 weeks ago

When in the year 1993 I boarded the bus in Khartoum with destination Darfur I did not care which way the bus driver would take. I spent four days and nights crossing the desert with no visibility owing to the sand storms, and stopping in some villages which names I did not worry to write down.

Only today, over two decades later, I checked the map and contacted a friend of mine from Sudan to help me to trace my journey across Africa in horizontal, from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean (from Massawa in Eritrea to Nouadhibou in Mauritania), which took me 40 days never sleeping two nights in the same place, using trucks, camels and trains, overcoming hardships because I had practically no money and no visas for the countries that I had to traverse to reach Spain after a long voyage of 8 months across Africa, traveling like an African.

Crossing overland Africa in vertical, never taking a plane, from Oran to Durban, for instance, is very easy and will take you a couple of months, but crossing overland Africa in horizontal from Eritrea to Mauritania via Darfur and Chad, is only for real travelers.

Today I know that the truck driver, when leaving Khartoum, first drove south to Rabak, and then turned on to the west in direction to El Fasher.

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