Crossing by train the city of Multan in two occasions

by Jorge Sanchez - 11 months, 3 weeks ago

I have crossed this part of Pakistan twice, both on trains; the first time, being in 1988, when I traveled between Mohenjo Daro (UNESCO World Patrimony) to Rawalpindi. I had planned to stop in Harappa to observe other ruins like Mohenjo Daro (and also World Patrimony) but finally I changed my mind. Then, one year later I crossed again this area when heading by train to Quetta, in Baluchistan, in order to travel by trucks to Kandahar, in Afghanistan.

I remember that I stopped in Multan in both opportunities, and in one of them I had to change trains in the Multan Cantonment Railway Station, but could not know much of the city, apart from the railway station and the square outside during perhaps half an hour, until I boarded my second train, what is better than nothing. Since until recently I traveled without photo camera, I cannot show here the places that I saw in Multan and during those two journeys crossing this area.

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