Sendai, the City of Trees

by Jorge Sanchez - 11 months, 3 weeks ago

I arrived by train to Sendai coming from Aomori.

I would spend the whole day in Sendai.

If I tell the truth, I was anxious to travel to Nikko (UNESCO World Patrimony) and if in Sendai I stayed one day it was just because it was in the middle of Aomori and Nikko and it was the greatest city in Tohoku region, so missing it was a pity, as if I had paid for the transport to get there and did not take any profit.

I did not expect anything of tourism significance, just rests of a castle, temples like you see everywhere in Japan, and many parks, yes, lovely parks, that is why Sendai is called the Tree City.

It was one of those gardens that I adopted as my dormitory and I never was molested by anybody while sleeping at night.

But it was cold and could hardly sleep.

Early in the morning I traveled by train to Nikko.

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