Exploring the old Spanish city of San Luis de Illinues during half a day

by Jorge Sanchez - 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Until recently I thought that I had only crossed Illinois West/South superficially, by bus heading from St. Louis (Missouri) to Chicago (Illinois), for instance, or from other USA cities to Chicago, but had not been visiting a city in depth. Until one day I looked at the pictures that I made in St. Louis and remembered that when I climbed the famous Gateway Arch I saw the bridge over the Missouri river and then went down and decided to cross the bridge over that river Missouri to explore the other side of the city St. Louis during the second half of the day. That part of St. Louis city across the river Missouri is located in Illinois state.

St. Louis was founded by French traders and some years later France ceded it to Spain that named it San Luis de Illinues, forming part of the Luisiana Española. English troops tried to invade it during the Battle of Saint Louis (1780), but Spain defeated the English soldiers.

In the evening I returned to the Greyhound bus station and caught a night bus to Chicago. Consequently, today I can claim that I have been, and explored, at least one city in Illinois West/South.

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