Visiting Etosha National Park in a long day excursion

by Jorge Sanchez - 1 year ago

It was the year 1996. I flew from Spain to Cape Town together with a girl from Zaragoza and the next day took a bus to Windhoek, where we would spend several days visiting dunes and other tourists attractions. We stayed in the dormitory of a youth hostel.

One of the excursions that we arranged in a travel agency (we did not drive but we contracted a jeep with a driver) was to the famous meteorite of Hoba plus a short visit to Etosha National Park. We would drive back to our hostel when it started to get dark.

The girl took many pictures of that excursion and she promised to send me some of them, but when we returned to Barcelona, in Spain, I never heard anything else from her and never received any pictures (In those times I was traveling without a photocamera); I only knew that she was a teacher in a school in Barcelona. That is why I can't show you any pictures here.

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