by Dmitry - - 2 years ago

  1. Very hot. A/Cs in every room; air conditioning only uses up the power of a few atomic power stations in the country
  2. Very large and clean city. The size and heat make it difficult to walk
  3. Many hobos. They read, eat, sleep in the street. A whole ‘gypsy camp’ is based next to the main railway station in the evenings
  4. Tent camp of the ‘Sevol’ passengers’ relatives. They demand to exhume the bodies.
  5. Clean free public toilets everywhere
  6. A lot of advertisement of plastic surgery clinics, especially in the Gangnam district
  7. When paying with a plastic card, you have to put your signature on a special screen instead of entering your PIN
  8. Only a small backstreet under the railway overpass is now remaining of the huge red lights district which was in the area 10 years ago
  9. Free Wi-Fi everywhere, and every tiny, dirty place accepts cards for payment
  10. 17 ABV Korean vodka is disgusting
  11. McDonalds menu very much differs from the European one
  12. The tour guide thanks the tourists for coming to Korea despite the fact that there is no peace treaty with the North Korea

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