Kimberley Club

by Thomas Buechler - 2 years, 8 months ago

Visited Kimberley from Capetown by plane. Several domestic airlines are flying the route, and you can easily plan a visit as an extended stopover between Capetown and Joh'burg for instance. Of course the highlight here is a visit to the Big Hole complex, a huge diamond mine in the 1980's that was managed by no other guy than Cecile Rhodes after he got some pocketmoney to invest from the Rotschild bankers in London. Rhodes wanted to use the profit he made with the diamond mines for his African expeditions further afield; Rhodes had his living quarters in the mines, but also in a historic building called the Kimberley Club, inaugurated 1881, and declared a National Monument since 1984. For over a century this beautiful building held a certain awe and mysteriousness due to the exclusivity of membership, but now this has changed, and the Club is very happy to accept guests visiting the town of Kimberley, and it is for sure one of the most wonderful lodges I have been in South Africa, with nice orginal decorations, and paintings of Cecil Rhodes allover. When it comes to the Big Hole, I can recommend both the tram ride, and the organized tour to the old mine,  we had a very funny guide who made his jokes all the time and it was certainly worth the time and money spent!


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