The Energy of El Paso

by Ian HUNT - 5 years, 4 months ago

El Paso is a small piece of West Texas that should really be in New Mexico. It is incredibly isolated from all of the other major metropolitan centers of Texas by hundreds of miles, and is in fact closer to Los Angeles than it is to Texas' eastern border. Many Texans laugh at El Paso as a dirty, ugly, and unsafe place, but that is actually far from the truth. El Paso is filled with color, energy, and beautiful vistas that are exciting and vivid. El Paso has a very large Hispanic community, and at times it seems to be a Mexican city, with laughter, dancing, and singing in numerous restaurants and public spaces. The people are welcoming, kind, and happy, enjoying their life away from 'mainstream' America. There is a gondola up above the city that takes you to a lookout over 2,000 feet above the surrounding plain, with gorgeous sunset vistas. 'El Paso' means 'The Pass' in Spanish, and like it's namesake it is a bridge between the flat desert of West Texas and the southern Rockies of New Mexico; as well as between American and Mexican societies. Although not a common tourist destination, anyone looking for a unique local and experience in America shouldn't overlook this city.

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