Ratchaburi Province Visit

by Dina Fauziah - 5 years, 3 months ago

Ratchaburi is another province in Thailand. Located in center province of Thailand and around 1-2 hours from Bangkok city using a car. As I went there for a field trip program, the first place to go was the Province hospital and vaccine center that own by Mahidol university. There we served traditional Thai food as welcoming lunch. Traditional Thai food basically had sour and hot flavor, and one of my most favorite food is papaya salad. They put together fried papaya fruit, sour sauce and some other ingredients. It was very delicious! After the academic visit, we had a boat trip along Chao Praya river. That afternoon was a bit cloudy but everyone were still exciting with the boat trip. We had a good time sightseeing riverside until suddenly a heavy windy rain came and made everyone surprised with the huge amount of rain water that came to the boat. In the end of the trip everyone are getting wet because of the heavy rain and we went back to resort by car. Next day the field trip were continue and brought us to the original floating market. My lecture said that there were many floating market in thai, but the floating market that we will go was the first one. In floating market we may found many souvenir and original thai snack in reasonable prize, but just like another market we should bargain to got the best prize. Here for the fist time we saw mango sticky rice and decided to buy it an it was tasty! :D Ratchaburi maybe not as famous as Bangkok city, but it was pretty interesting place to visited.

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