Nakhon Sawan, Heavenly City

by Dina Fauziah - 4 years, 2 months ago

This trip took place last august, when I had a student exchange in Thailand. Nakhon Sawan is located in the middle of Thailand, It wasn't a tourist place so we hardly found people who can speak English fluently. There wasn´t any alphabetic writing anywhere, everything was written in thai language. Despite of those tourist unfriendly condition, Nakhon Sawan offers indeed hidden beauty to explore. There is a temple, located in the highest place in Nakhon Sawan, from where we could see the city in the wholly. Very exciting!! There is also a very big park called Sawan Park, where you can fine a very big lake, jogging tract, duck boat rent, bicycle rent, basket ball field, and many other sport facilities. Many things could be done there and many good spots to take pictures available. People in Nakhon Sawan was very friendly an honest, for me that moeslem it's hard to find "halal" food there. But those food sellers always told me what should I eat and what should I don´t . They helped me so much! Nakhon Sawan is also famous because of Chinese´s food. Unfortunately, because most of Chinese´s dishes are using pig oil, I can tell you how delicious it is. But my Japanese friends who taste it say it was good.

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