Francesinha - The story behind the dish!

by Ana Oliveira - 5 years, 4 months ago

It all started when a Portuguese immigrant in France retired and returned to his hometown in Portugal. He decided to open a café with the money saved during the years he worked abroad… but he needed to create a dish that would attract costumers… So, inspired by the French Croque Monsieur, he decides to create a sandwich using Portuguese ingredients such as steak or pork meat, different types of sausages, etc… and of course he added the ham and cheese from its ‘father’ - the Croque Monsieur! Then a final touch… a spicy tomato sauce on top of it all! And now he needed a catchy name, so Francesinha it was – which means ‘little French lady’! It became so popular that it’s now considered a typical Portuguese dish and people compete to make the best one. Usually the criteria is based on the sauce – if it’s more or less spicy, tick and strong – on the type of bread used, and the kind of meat chosen – beef or pork. You can also find vegetarian Francesinha now!! And there are rankings of all the restaurants that serve this dish! So, if you ever come to Porto, don’t forget to try it, but be prepared, because it is a lot of food… great to have before heading to some Port Wine taste in the cellars! This way it will be harder to get drunk!

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