Yummy things around Zanzibar

by Laura Camile - 5 years, 4 months ago

When I already had my bags packed for Zanzibar my grandmother came with an extra bag full of food worrying that in Africa there won't be to much what to eat. That really made me smile, especially knowing how much she cares! But there is a saying, that person which feeds you - loves you haha ! Anyway, my backpack was totally loaded, so I grabbed only some peanuts and bread, thanked a lot and promised that I will be finding really good food down there... I promised and I kept my promise! Really there in Zanzibar was so much amazing things that you could eat. In the first place (and all times best) are fruits! Jackfruit is my favorite! Have you ever heard about it? That's a fruit that's weigh around 25 kilograms! There are now words to describe how it is taste, something between mango and pineapple and apple maybe? Anyway, locals also eat it with spaghetti and plus sugar. Very strange variation but definitely worth a try. But back to fruits, they are really the best there.. The taste of mango and pineapple are totally different than we have here in Europe. Especially popular were fresh juices of passion fruit, papaya, mango ginger and some sugar. This was my friends most favorite, so we never had a fight haha because my favorite was avocado+banana+ ginger.. Totally he best and I could never find better than there, really. With fruits it's done. Winner #1. The second place goes to samosa ! That's some kind of pie: vegetables or meat inside very thin dough and fried! Usually it is served with fresh vegetables aside and very spicy coconut sauce. So whenever we went out this was always my choice. And actually all other people loved it as well. In more touristic places I had to pay more for it, but in some villages, where locals make it mostly for themselves it was very cheap! Something like 0,15€. The other thing, was sweet potatoes, especially when baked in the oven with fresh vegetables, and the dressing for veggies is only some lime juice, no oil, no Italian dressing or whatever. The one thing I never dared to try was meat, because in the local family I lived with, I saw how they prepare it and I had no guts to try it! Just while cutting the cow already in the kitchen a woman cut her hand and she just shook her blood to the bowl with meet. Yak :) And definitely ndizi! That is a plantain (banana) which you cook with tomatoes and other sour things, in the end that's really tasty. As well you can make it sweet with coconut milk and some sugar. The food culture in Africa/ Tanzania is totally different. And they love ugali (pourage of maize), which I found tasteless and not worth to try. But if I am back there soon I will definitely enjoy it again!

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