Interstate 25

by Andreea Miron - 5 years, 4 months ago

Just landed in Newark after a long 9 hours flight (my first one) from Frankfurt. I am extremely tired, scared but eager to reach my final stop: Raton, NM. After 5 hours I'm in Denver, hurrying up to Greyhound station. "Last bus to Raton just left, guys. I'm so sorry, the next one leaves in 6 hours, do you want to spend the night inside the station?" said the friendly employee while closing the door. Me and my friend decided to stay over anyway, we had no better option. The hours flew by so hard, barely closed an eye, my back was killing me and our parents had no idea we were safe and sound. After a while we were able to embark on the bus. The ride was smooth, we looked outside the window at the foreign landscapes and ate our first american burgers. We were there, finally! Half-dead, half-amazed we met our employer (cause we were there with a Work&Travel summer program) and took a 14 hours nap. Days passed by, we worked 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, June to October. The weather there was hot, the air very dry but we had an amazing time. Our work colleagues made us feel part of the family, showed us around and invited us to have dinner at their homes. I remember the taste of tamales, enchiladas, burritos and the fusion of Spanish and Mediterranean, Mexican, Pueblo Native American dishes like yesterday. That sense of discovery, of having to taste a lot of things really quickly, THAT'S EXCITING! I was very surprised, in a good way. I was constantly shocked by how nice people were, even people whom I have very little in common with. Not to mention the vivid scenery, it felt like it was a Tarantino movie with a twist of reality. But that also depends on your personality. My summer was over in no time and I had to return home wondering if I will ever have the opportunity to come back and see other places. They all sound, smell and look amazing. It's going to be hard to decide. Now I will let you see some of the photos I took and imagine how it would be to open a cold beer after a full day at work watching cars on Interstate 25.

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