A trip to Kanagawa

by ifrah sohail - 4 years, 2 months ago

Kanaqawa is one the prefectures of the rising power Japan, and is located in southern kanto-region of Japan. Kanagawa is well developed site and is part of greater Tokyo area. I visited kanagwa as a cultural exchange university student. Kanagawa is a very beautiful, modernized and wroth full place to visit, it has many exciting and fascinating places as well, which attracts the tourists from world. The first place where I was taken by our co-coordinating and host Japanese people was, 'Nihon minkaen' an experience traditional Japanese genuine indigo dying. It was fun visiting it. We also dyed our own peace of cloth for experience purpose. The second place I visited was, 'Shibaura water reclamation center'. It was a very informative visit where we learned how Japanese are recycles sewerage water to drinkable form. One must not forget to try delicious food at Odaiba's 'Asian dining Khazana'. There was a lot of Asian, as well as Japanese food variety; one could eat up to his will at a very affordable cost. On the very next day, I visited 'Yokohama city municipal disaster prevention center'. There we were told about how Japanese withstand disaster like earthquake after 2011, a great earthquake which Japan had faced and claimed many thousand lives. The supervisor of disaster prevention center briefed us a little about the different natural disasters than Japan has faced so far and what preventions were adopted to avoid serious danger. We were also given the chance to experience automated earthquake jerks in a small unit. The range of that automated generated earthquake jerks were 6 on rector scale. Gosh, that was horrible. Mitsubishi minatomiral industrial museum was worth visit full, as the museum is all about new and refined advancement in technologies. This was all I visited at Kanagawa prefecture and do not forget to taste sushi, Indian restaurant 'Gara and Festa Garden' international restaurant at Odaiba are also good place for food lovers! Hopefully! Will be sharing more of my journey stories with you all

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