Abbey of Saint Gall

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

I entered Switzerland from Liechtenstein, where I had spent the previous night sleeping in a park (Liechtenstein is even more expensive than Switzerland and could not afford to pay 140 euro for a bed!). Upon arriving to the pleasant town of Saint Gall I asked to the people for the famous Abbey that was founded by Saint Gall, an Irish monk of the VII century on his mission to preach the Gospel to the European continent, and I was sent to a remarkable complex of buildings, being the most impressive the cathedral, which was open. Its interior was wonderful. The wooden decoration plus the fresco on the dome was really amazing. In the square I noticed a fountain with statue; it was a representation of Saint Gall. Then I found that in another side of the cathedral a sign saying: Stiftsbibliothek. It was the Library. There was also a school and then on the first floor I found the library containing many valuable old manuscripts. I paid the ticket and enjoyed the visit commented by a lady in charge of the place. Being a traveler, the most remarkable exposed treasure was the big globe of the world with exquisite drawings. It showed the world in the year 1571. The lady told me that the globe, made in Germany, was not the original one, being sheltered in a museum of Zurich, but a copy. The original, she said, was stolen by Zurich troops 3 centuries ago (in 1712). After that visit to the library I took the lift to the underground to continue the visit to the archeological department.

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