Chaosan Road, I'm lovin' it

by Devi Marietta Siregar - 5 years, 3 months ago

Always people say that Chaosan Road is a must visit for a backpacker maniac. We can meet International backpacker and there are many cheap hostels here. I think I have to agree for this statement. This is my favorite place. One of the reasons is not only because we can meet another overseas backpacker but the diversity of culinary, hand-made bracelets or necklaces, and clothes. Everything is cheaper than in another place in Thailand. The unique thing is snack which from insect and poured with sodium salt for adding taste. It is forbidden to take photographs before buying some of the snacks. I have uploaded the insight of the insect snack. That’s really disgusting to taste but interesting. Another culinary of snack is coconut ice cream, the taste is gorgeous, I can’t explain, it makes me feel like flying to comfy place each of once spoon. You have to try it!

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