Stanislas Square

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

I spent only half a day in Nancy. I was in transit to Metz (city that I liked more than Nancy, in spite of not being a UNESCO site, especially for its stunning stained glass windows in its cathedral). I walked down a street for about ten minutes from the railway station, and straight ahead I found the famous Stanislas Square, a really beautiful place with its buildings and forged iron decoration on its gates. In that square are located the City Hall of Nancy (Hôtel de Ville), where the Tourist Office is located, The Opera Theater, a museum and a cafeteria with its terrace filled with tourist drinking beers. The Arc of Triumph (that French call Arc Héré, name of its designer) was also pretty looking. Stanislas was a Polish king of the Rzeczpospolita Confederation (Poland and Lithuania) that when he lost the throne ruled the Duchy of Lorraine. He was so loved by the natives that a plaque in the monument devoted to him in the middle of that square, says: to Stanislas, the Beneficent (le Bienfaisant). Stanislas Square plus Place de la Carrière and Place d'Alliance are a UNESCO site. I managed to visit the three places during the time that I spent in Nancy. Furthermore, I still had the opportunity to see the cathedral. Unfortunately it was closed. And not far from it I admired the monument devoted to Jeanne d’Arc, and at the end of the Grande Rue I saw the medieval and gorgeous Porte de la Craffe, with its twin towers, exhibiting the Cross of Lorraine.

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