One week in Cocos Islands

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 9 months ago

Cocos are a group of 27 coral atolls. The population lives mainly on copra. In Cocos Island there are two communities, the “white” Australians, without churches and with the only hotel and a good restaurant (and another one besides the airport), and the Malay community, living in an atoll in front, with plenty of mosques, fishermen and an internet for free. You can sleep in the only hotel in the European Australian Island, called Cocos Castaway. Ask for friendly Jose, a native of East Timor who speaks good Portuguese and Spanish languages, apart from English, and is the man in charge of the hotel with bungalows and the cook of the restaurant. There is a ferry joining the two communities. Every morning the Malays come to work in the main island and return to their houses in the night with the last ferry. There is museum in the Malay island explaining the history of the archipelago and the destruction of the German warship Emden in its waters during the First World War. Because of the frequency of the flights I had to spend a minimum of seven days in Cocos.

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